Why music in parts 

       Playing single-note melodies and harmonies with others is a pleasing way to make music; the experience of everyone playing and breathing at the same time and intently listening to one another results in a feeling like no other—very satisfying. 

       Many ukulele players enjoy both playing and singing, strumming with abandon and recalling songs memorized years ago, or learning songs with lyrics at hand. Playing chords and a melody at the same time is an effective way for one player to entertain oneself and others.  

More and more now, players want to take the next step: playing melodies, riffs, accompaniment, and rhythm patterns with several others in an ensemble, each person playing a different part, and perhaps not singing at all. 

       With musical arrangements specially created for players of skills from beginner to expert, everyone has the opportunity to participate. And an ensemble can grow from a few players to a full-blown ukulele orchestra, or “ukestra,” as we fondly call it.